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Ski Jobs - When to Apply?

UK ski holiday companies tend to recruit most of their resort staff from the UK from July onwards. Recruitment procedures vary but most will involve an initial application form followed by a one to one interview. Training takes place either pre-departure in the UK or in resort. An early application is recommended to secure the job of your choice.

Ski Jobs - How to Apply?

To find a ski job there are two basic methods: apply in advance or turn up in resort and find a job on the spot. The former offers more security and probably the best chance of securing some of the best jobs in popular resorts. Having said that, hundreds of people do take their chances by turning up in resort every season and hoping for the best!

If you choose to apply in advance, the quickest simplest way to make an application is to complete an on-line application form. Alternatively you can telephone companies directly and ask them to send you an information pack and application form.

If you complete an on-line application form the company may contact you immediately and invite you for an interview. Alternatively they may send you further information and a more detailed application form to complete. Recruitment procedures will vary from company to company and also according to the time of year.

Don't be put off by the form filling or paperwork! Remember that ski jobs are extremely popular and hundreds of staff may be applying for just a few positions with each employer. Tidy presentation and detailed applications are essential to give your application the best chance of success.

Ski Jobs - Interview Tips

You may be interviewed for your ski resort job in person or by telephone. If you would like an idea of the kind of questions you might be asked just view the short video below. Resort workers made this video to give you tips on the best way to handle your ski job interview and talk about their own experiences applying for ski jobs.

Watch Interview Tips Video


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