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Val d'Isere, France

One of the biggest names in skiing, the famous Val d'Isere boasts a huge and high-altitude ski area, ultra-modern lift technology and a huge range of apres-ski activity to place it firmly among the most popular skiing destinations in the world.

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Its altitude affords Val d'Isere great snow and a long season (November to May). All skill levels are catered to here: only graduating beginners might struggle,and only in finding enough easy intermediate runs. 300km of piste and unlimited off-piste means it's impossible to get bored here, while the apres-ski environment is famously hectic and celebratory.

Resort worker Comments

"The Moris Pub-the Best Live music venue in Val d'Isere, a great place to enjoy your stay:)"
Bebeto Biba

"Follie Douche - Val d'Isere! No place like it! Live music, Dj's, dancing and outrageous behaviour all rolled into one on the piste and all outdoors, come snow or shine it's always bouncing!"
Sarah 'Crev' Carruthers

"La Folie Douce - Val d'Isere. Couldn't ask for a better place for some early apres ski drinks and music! Great location to make your way down after one too many, great pump-up music heard across the slope, and always some great entertainment!"
Maxine Van Stratum Grohol

"The Moris Pub. Best atmosphere in Val D'isere. Great music too!!"
Tom Fyfe

"Saloonbar - Val d'Isere; Spend all day hitting the slopes hard boarding or skiing, then party hard in the Saloonbar with all the resort workers until the sun rises again and do it all again, thats the place to be."
Ben Mead

"Folie Douce in Val D'isere!! dancing on tables, champange flying everywhere and live musicians, what else do you want half way up a mountain?!?!"
Jennifer Neville

"Folie Douce in Val D'isere - it has amazing live music, brilliant atmosphere and it's so much fun to dance on the slopes."
Emma May Richardson

"Has to be Dicks tea bar, Val D'isere ... classic"
Toby Barr

"Dicks tea bar...its a dive but its in Val D'Isere so we love it!"
Adam Harrington

"La Follie Douce Val D'Isere. Party from 3 living the dream. Allons-y!"
Nathan Groves

"Moris Bar in Val D'Isere, fab atmosphere and good live music every night.."
Tom Gander

"Dicks tea bar, Val D'Isere. The place to be! Love it!"
Gary Beauchamp

"FOLIE DOUCE bar ... I remember seeing toffee vodka being poured off the balcony into the mouth of a girl partying below!!! EPIC!! champagne being sprayed at the crowd!!!"
Chloe Crabtree

"Floie Douce Vald'sere baby!... no matter how bad your day is, getting up and dancing on those tables just makes you realise, why you slog the day out."
Wai-Wai Lee


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