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Whistler, Canada

Widely regarded as the best ski resort in North America - and quite possibly the world - Whistler is guaranteed to exceed almost any expectations. While in most European resorts skiing is largely limited to the piste and risks of disorientation or danger attend off-piste excursions, in Whistler the entire area of two mountains is skiable.

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Adventurous intermediates and above will have the best of Whistler, which offers long trails as confidence boosters as well as some that gradually increase in extremity to border, finally, on the nearly insane. A superb ski school and beginners' slopes mean it's perfectly suitable for learners as well. Whistler is perhaps pricier than European resorts, but offers an unsurpassed skiing or snowboarding experience.

Resort worker Comments

"Merlin's in Whistler! Pool, nachos, jugs of beer, jagerbombs, hockey on big screens, outside smoking heaters...AND you can board right up to the door"
Cat Thomas

"Longhorns, whistler! best apres ever many a night spent in my kit dancing on tables to classic chessy tunes, Cant beat a bottle of kokanee either!"
Cat Thomas

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Video interview with five people who have worked a season in Whistler, BC. Filmed by Resortwork.TV at the London Ski & Snowboard Show 2009

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